Only Relevant Comments On this Blog Site

Only comments made in this blog site relevant to the subject where the comment is published will remain in this blog site.

I will appreciate if comments made are specifically made to contribute to the blog. If the comment is entered or published merely to declare that the site is "cool", "interesting" or whatever and then leaving a link, it will not be considered relevant.

What is relevant are the following:

  • A case study, brief anecdote or an example
    demonstrating the subject.

  • A personal experience demonstrating or related to the

  • An excerpt from an article you own, wrote or published related to the subject where the comment is published.
  • Your own views about the specific subject or your own suggestion of better ways to improve customer service.

I really don't mind if you place a link within your comments back to your website as long as the comments are relevant and your website provides the relevant content related to the specific blog where your comments are published. If I check your website and the content is not relevant to Customer Service or any subject related to Customer Service, your comments will be removed.

Virgilio Paralisan


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