Customer Service Tools: An Introduction

I have worked for more than 14 years doing or managing Customer Service programs under multinational brands. My notes in these pages hopefully will enable me to share my experience with micro and small enterprises. My aim is to put them on equal footing as the most successful companies in as far as delivering their own versions of Customer Service.

As a consultant, I have talked with people with Customer Service programs the likes of which I have seen in the early 1990s. These are Customer Service programs that dwell only on frontline activities. Most of the enterprises then equate Customer Service to handling complaints, taking phone calls or routing request for warranty. No wonder so many enterprises create more enemies of Customers instead of keeping them. They have no idea what the whole concept is all about!

Customer Service in my perspective and my experience is more than that. It is a commitment of an organization to deliver the information and services that forms an integral part of your marketing mix. The whole organization is the delivery vehicle of Customer Service not just the frontline.

I wrote an e-book on Customer Service entitled "The Six Dimension of Customer Service" which I provide freely to those who would like to know more how successful Customer Service organizations do it.

For more than ten years, I have discern that the host and cluster of activities that deliver Customer Service falls in six related or cluster of activities. I will unbundle this dimensions for you in these pages.

Log on and learn!


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